Test and measurement

Test and measurement

From multimode radar to the network centric battlefield, mission success depends on the performance of electronic systems for detection, interception, encryption, dissemination, communications and interdiction. These systems must all perform flawlessly, and tomorrow’s challenges must be anticipated and met today.

For decades, Rohde & Schwarz solutions have been in use by military services and government agencies. Aerospace and defense contractors use our test and measurement solutions in cutting-edge R&D, production and operational support programs alike. We work collaboratively with the aerospace and defense industry to bring focused solutions that meet our customers’ exacting requirements. Our developments are integral parts of many of the most cuttingedge defense programs in the world today.

Rohde & Schwarz is committed to long-term customer relationships and strives to be your partner of choice for aerospace and defense. Confidence in Rohde & Schwarz as a partner for test and measurement solutions in aerospace and defense is underscored by numerous direct government contracts won in various countries over the last decade.

Test and measurement solutions

Radar and electronic warfare

With the rapid advances across the entire spectrum of radar and electronic warfare technology, the capabilities of test and measurement systems must be continually enhanced. Rohde & Schwarz solutions are at the leading edge of performance, capability and ease of use. Our solutions include:

  • Flexible signal generator solutions, from creating complex pulsed signals to turnkey solutions for phase-coherent multichannel radar signal Simulation
  • High performance spectrum analyzers and signal analyzers  with up to 500 MHz analysis bandwidth internally and  2 GHz with a R&S®RTO1044 oscilloscope as external ADC
  • Pulse measurements, including modulation on pulse, trend analysis and pulse-to-pulse measurements
  • Unique network analysis solutions, e.g. for embedded LO group delay measurements, pulse distortion measurements  and using four internal sources for double converting  devices
  • Signal generators with excellent phase noise Performance  for generating digitally modulated signals or  stable LO signals in radar and EW hardware design and test applications
  • Complete test solutions for fast T/R module characterization in development and production

Navigation and guidance

Civil aviation and military operations alike depend on accurate distance, location and direction measuring systems for public safety and military mission success. VOR, ILS, DME, satellite-based navigation systems like GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou or QZSS and augmenting systems like GBAS are just a few of the areas that require unique test and measurement capabilities. With demonstrated experience in this field, Rohde & Schwarz provides accurate, flexible, high-performance test solutions to cover every need, from design, development and production to operational maintenance. Our solutions include:

  • The most complete signal generation solution for producing  highly accurate test signals for VOR, ILS, Marker Beacon, GBAS and DME
  • Vector signal generators that provide accurate and  repeatable signals for GNSS and GBAS testing. They can generate dynamic signals for up to 24 GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou or QZSS satellites and are easy to configure for RF or localization testing of navigation receivers
  • The R&S®FSMR measuring receiver handles the complete  calibration of VOR / ILS generators or navigation testers
  • For ground and flight inspection of VOR, ILS, Marker  Beacon and GBAS stations, the portable and batterypowered R&S®EVS 300 provides high accuracy, low  weight and the measurement speed this application  requires
  • For service and maintenance of pulsed terrestrial navigation signals from DME and TACAN ground stations, the R&S®EDS 300 offers high-precision timing measurements and accurate level and modulation analysis

Satellite communications

Satellite testing brings unique challenges, from the satellite and ist payload to the ground station terminal. Rigorous testing is necessary to ensure that the satellite works right the first time – there is no room for error. RF and microwave measurements must be as accurate as possible, from SSPA and TWTA components or LO and PLL subsystems to complete satellite assembly, test and integration. With our leadership in spectrum analysis, cuttingedge network analyzer technology and wide range of Signal generators and power meters, we have the right Tools to ensure that your satellite system is tested correctly. Our solutions include:

  • A full range of signal generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and power meters for R&D, installation, maintenance and monitoring of satellite components and systems
  • High-performance signal analyzers which capture up to 500 MHz, and up to and 2 GHz with an R&S®RTO 1044 oscilloscope as an external ADC for wideband modulation measurements or frequency response and group delay tests
  • Realtime spectrum analyzers for the evaluation of sporadic interference
  • Multicarrier group delay measurements with signal analyzers / signal generators for fast group delay measurements with very simple calibration

Military communications

As a manufacturer of test and measurement Equipment and secure military radios for airborne, shipborne and ground operation, Rohde & Schwarz has the combined expertise to meet any test challenge, from legacy communications to the latest SDR designs. Our equipment is used for testing ADC / DAC, local oscillators, power amplifiers, Transmitters / receivers and antenna subsystems. Rohde & Schwarz is a leader in test solutions for OFDM and MIMO technologies and has broad expertise in all of the latest commercial communications standards. Our solutions include:

  • Vector signal generators and analyzers to generate and analyze many types of unmodulated and modulated signals: from CW to analog or pulse modulation, from simple digital modulation to the most complex and generic ODFM modulation schemes. Wide modulation (up to 528 MHz) and 2 GHz demodulation bandwidths with the R&S®RTO allow tests even on wideband multicarrier systems
  • Flexible fading solutions for signal generators allow the testing of military communications equipment under real-world conditions such as moving transmitters and receivers or multipath signal propagation
  • Short frequency and level setting times in our signal generators, which is essential when generating signals for testing hopping systems
  • Realtime spectrum analyzers for the evaluation of sporadic interference

Field testing

Civil aviation, trunked radio, military and other government applications require reliable, accurate and portable solutions to meet the demanding requirements for measurements out in the field. Rohde & Schwarz offers a wide range of portable and handheld instruments which provide unexcelled capabilities in very convenient form factors. From the portable R&S®ZVL spectrum/network analyzer and the versatile R&S®FSH handheld spectrum analyzer to the R&S®EVS 300 ILS / VOR analyzer, we equip users with the tools needed to keep systems running to specification. Our solutions include:

  • A broad range of signal generators, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers that are ideal for field use
  • Power sensors that can be operated standalone with a laptop. They require only simple measurement setups yet deliver highly accurate test results
  • Network scanners and software to obtain information about mobile radio networks, including RF channel utilization, system information, and the number and position of base stations
  • Digital I/Q recorders to stream RF spectra off the air onto hard disk for replay and postprocessing
  • Easy-to-use handheld cable and antenna analyzers for the setup and maintenance of antenna sites

Electronic design and engineering (EDE)

For the development and testing of electronic designs, general purpose test equipment is essential. It is also required for production, installation and maintenance of electronic devices and systems. The most versatile test instrument in this regards is the oscilloscope. Modern oscilloscopes are used for multiple functions in the design and engineering process of electronic components consisting of analog, digital and RF parts. Use ranges from simple voltage and current measurements to more sophisticated applications such as power analysis. Trigger and decode on data and communication buses are also common oscilloscope applications, similar to signal integrity and jitter analysis on high-speed serial links. Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes offer even more functionality, enabling users to carry out RF and spectrum analysis or perform EMI debugging on an engineer’s desk. Our oscilloscope solution includes:

  • A broad product portfolio consisting of instruments and accessories for a comprehensive electronic design and engineering process
  • Versatile measurement features and options for analog, digital, power and RF applications
  • Powerful trigger and decode capabilities for data and communications buses like USB and Ethernet or ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553
  • Power analysis capability, including military standards such as MIL-STD-1399
  • RF signal and pulse analysis bandwidth up to 4 GHz; in combination with ¸FSW up to 85 GHz with a 2 GHz analysis bandwidth
  • Measurement automation via remote control and rack mounting solutions for production, service and maintenance
  • Remote control emulation of widely used oscilloscopes to replace legacy products
  • Support of secure environment requirements
  • Ruggedized design in line with MIL-PRF-28800F

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