Signal intelligence

Signal intelligenceStrategic intelligence systems, early information gathering and preventive crisis management help to avoid conflicts and detect terrorist activities. Many different radiomonitoring and radiolocation solutions are available. We can provide the one that‘s right for your needs.

A changing world-political landscape, the increasing diversity of wireless communications and the presence of asymmetric threats are making it more difficult to detect and pursue organized crime and terrorists. Modular concepts and custom-built solutions are required to allow the targeted adaptation of existing monitoring systems to the ever growing number of new communications standards and equipment.

In an age of growing threats, information superiority is a key factor for security agencies, defense organizations and political users. The success of any operation – in civil security or peacekeeping as well as in real confrontations – crucially depends on an up-to-date situation picture that is adapted to requirements. It must also be possible to interpret trends as well as developments in order to provide a basis for political and military decisions.

Using a wide range of systems and devices from Rohde & Schwarz, government agencies and armed forces can speed up the process of gathering information and detecting emitters in the context of crisis management and peacekeeping missions. Users in internal and external security, spectrum monitoring and frequency management work with solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

We are a key partner for all tasks encountered in radiomonitoring and radiolocation. To ensure that our customers can adequately respond to the challenges they face, we offer complete radiomonitoring systems ranging from sensor technology (antennas, receivers, direction finders, analysis equipment) to software that supports technical and operational evaluation. Everything is available from a single source including portable receivers, complete antenna systems, outfitting of different platforms and nationwide systems. Rohde & Schwarz customers have successfully deployed our solutions all around the globe.

Radiomonitoring systems from Rohde & Schwarz support information gathering by providing a complete product portfolio that covers everything from the antenna to the situation picture. If necessary, these systems can be integrated into an existing C4I structure. The information obtained from different sensors is processed in the Analysis Center. If necessary, additional sensors can be integrated using system interfaces.

Interception and automatic data reduction are especially important. An automatic comparison with previously gathered results enables the intercept operator, analyst or evaluator to focus on the changes and to evaluate this new information.

Service, logistics and support

For users, the operational readiness and availability of their outstanding radiomonitoring and radiolocation products are of central importance. Rohde & Schwarz has a global service, logistics and support network with subsidiaries and offices in more than 70 countries to provide local, on-site customer care.

Rohde & Schwarz offers customers flexible, individually tailored service packages spanning a product’s entire life cycle and operating life to ensure maximum system availability at minimum cost.

Services include:

  • Definition and optimization of maintenance concepts aligned to customer-specific requirements
  • Spare parts service including inventory quantity proposal and optimization of inventory locations
  • Detailed system and equipment documentation
  • Spare parts data and catalogs
  • User and maintenance training
  • Computer-based training (CBT)
  • On-site repair, calibration and customer support services
  • Support and test equipment (S&TE)
  • Configuration and obsolescence management

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