Milipol 2017

It’s almost time for Milipol 2017. We have the great pleasure of inviting you to visit our booth, where we will be pleased to show you our products and solutions, answer your questions and provide in-depth information about our applications.

GUARDION is a modular system solution that utilizes the most suitable state-of the-art components on the market, as well as a command, control and situation awareness system of military background. In providing a dynamic and future-proof product lifecycle management, the GUARDION cooperation offers support throughout the entire process, from comprehensive scenario assessment and configuration advice to system integration to after-sales support and beyond.

The R&S®ARDRONIS automatic radio-controlled drone identification solution is part of GUARDION. It meets the challenges of countering radio-controlled microdrones by intercepting the radiocommunications link to reliably detect and capture the direction of remote control operators.

GUARDION is a cooperation between Rohde&Schwarz, ESG and Diehl.

Complexity and growth of advanced communications via satellite networks is a challenge especially for government authorities and military customers involved in surveillance and lawful interception. Rohde&Schwarz satellite monitoring solutions for passive interception of satellite communications are based on many years of professional experience. The wide portfolio ranges from flexible, transportable solutions to complex stationary systems for simultaneous interception of multiple satellites. Field-proven operational concepts and sophisticated tools support organizations, enabling them to efficiently and effectively analyze satellite carriers, services, content, geolocations and metadata.

Rohde&Schwarz offers turnkey stationary, mobile and transportable solutions for
❙ Mobile satellite services such as Thuraya, Inmarsat, Iridium and others
❙ Fixed satellite and VSAT services such as SCPC, iDirect, Gilat and Hughes, even in carrier-in-carrier scenarios
❙ Analysis and evaluation of intercepted data

Maintaining information superiority across different classification levels has utmost priority. This means effectively protecting voice, data, imagery and video transmitted over landline, radio relay or satellite links so that tactical and strategic communications remain absolutely confidential. Long-term product availability and the interoperability of solutions with existing equipment are other important factors.

Rohde&Schwarz develops highly secure solutions for protecting mission-critical communications. Our portfolio includes encryption products covering all security classification levels to protect networks and end-to-end communications.

Our products for military use are approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and by the EU and NATO (up to Top Secret and Cosmic Top Secret security classification levels).

Due to the predominant importance of wireless communications, law enforcement officials, security agencies, defense organizations and political users must be able to retrieve detailed and up-to-date information about mobile networks.

Solutions capable of satisfying these needs have to be flexible in order to cover the following applications:
❙ Identification of occupied mobile radio channels
❙ Detection of active network intruders
❙ Position estimation of all mobile radio cells
❙ Coverage and interference analysis
❙ Forensic analysis

Such operations need to be done in urban and rural environments using road vehicles, airplanes, helicopters or backpacks. They require equipment that is compact, light, smart and easy to use. Rohde&Schwarz provides solutions featuring a variety of network scanners, smartphones and advanced software based on Windows 10 computers, tablets and mobile phones. They support fixed installations for 24/7 site protection as well as mobile and camouflaged setups for pursuing intruders. Our powerful portfolio also includes quick and easy live analysis and highly sophisticated postprocessing.

The globally changing political landscape, the increasing diversity of wireless communications and the presence of asymmetric threats are making it more difficult to detect and pursue organized crime and terrorists. Modular concepts and customized solutions are required in order to adapt existing monitoring systems to the ever growing number of new communications standards and equipment.

Strategic intelligence systems, early information gathering and preventive crisis management help avoid conflicts and detect terrorist activities. Many different radiomonitoring and radiolocation solutions are available. We provide the one that exactly meets your needs.

In an age of growing threats, information superiority is a key factor for security agencies, defense organizations and political users. The success of any operation – in civil security, peacekeeping missions or actual confrontations – crucially depends on an up-to-date situation picture that is adapted to requirements. To provide a basis for political and military decisions, there must also be a way to interpret trends as well as developments.

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