R&S®SDTR – Engineered for mission success

SDR-based military radio technologyArmed forces all over the world are confronted with increasingly difficult challenges. International conflicts push personnel and equipment to their limits. Information superiority ensures a common operational picture, which is required to succeed in military missions.

Rohde & Schwarz, the system responsible party of the German Armed Forces’ future joint radio system (SVFuA), presents an innovative tactical radio system that meets the requirements and challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s missions.


Combined missions

  • International missions require interoperability
  • Open platform allows porting of SCA and third party waveforms
  • Sufficient resources to handle future waveforms

Joint operation

  • Military operations require secure communications between all branches of the armed forces
  • The R&S®SDxR / R&S®HDR support operational scenarios in all branches of the armed forces
  • The tactical radio has been specifically designed for use in vehicles and allows minimum antenna spacing thanks to its integrated high performance filters

Reliable command and control

  • The R&S®HDR waveform family supports mobile networking, which is required for network centric operations
  • The waveforms make it possible to extend communications beyond fixed IP infrastructures to mobile networks
  • The waveforms support automatic adaptation to network changes thanks to the use of mobile ad-hoc network protocols


Protecting highest security requirements

  • Strict separation of plain data and encrypted data as well as control data and payload data
  • Tamper protection

Efficient use of resources

  • Future-ready investment due to open architecture
  • Reduced training time due to simple, intuitive operation
  • Low maintenance costs due to high reliability

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