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47487_02_lowRealistic radar signal generation of modern and complex radar scenarios. The ideal solution for simulation, research & development, maintenance and operator training
Radar warning receivers, direction finding systems and RESM systems are the key components of early warning equipment. They are normally installed on board aircraft, ships or vehicles and are used to identify and locate other radars by analyzing the radar signals. The trend from pure analog evaluation of pulsed radar signal envelopes to the analysis of the complex samples will lead to the next technology refresh of installed radar warning equipment. This equipment requires in-depth test solutions.


Performance from the lab into the field
In all stages of the development cycle, from initial functional testing to final operational readiness review, Rohde & Schwarz offers an adequate test solution. The earlier realistic test cases become available during the development phase, the better the engineers can improve the performance of the equipment under test by operating it under real-world stress test conditions before final assembly. Beyond the development phase, the Rohde & Schwarz solution enables proper servicing and maintenance of radar equipment. Once finalized, scenarios can be recalled at any time for on-site checks of radar equipment or also after servicing for recommissioning of the systems. In addition, operator training sometimes requires real RF signals if new staff is trained on equipment. The perfect solution is to use the R&S SMW200A platform as a software definable radar source for generating a wide range of radar scenarios.


Powerful radar signal simulator
The R&S Pulse Sequencer software is the key tool for defining the required scenarios. To relieve test engineers from manually programming time-consuming test cases, the R&S Pulse Sequencer software provides many predefined items that can quickly be combined to create challenging radar test cases. 3D previews and graphical live visualization of configured signals allow operators to quickly familiarize themselves with and profit from the capabilities of the simulator.
Scenarios consisting of complex radar emitters or interferers together with the antenna configuration of receivers can be simulated. By using a multiple antenna setup for the receiver, direction finding test cases can be generated. The simulator combined with the hardware capabilities of the R&S SMW200A platform is therefore a perfect solution for validating state-of-the-art equipment and makes this solution ready for testing next-generation single-channel or multichannel digital receivers that evaluate amplitude and phase of the radar signal.
The R&S Pulse Sequencer software is not limited to radar scenarios. It also allows users to define radar emitters mixed with mobile communications interferers or telecom signal transmitters alone. Hence, the simulator can utilize the full flexibility of the digital baseband, making it possible to perform co-existence tests of radars with neighboring telecom signals.


Powerful hardware platform
Rohde & Schwarz offers its hardware platform together with the simulator software as a single-channel or multichannel setup. The hardware is based on the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator. An upgrade path from single-channel to multichannel test setups is available for direction finding test setups. Two possibilities exist: Several dual-channel R&S SMW200A signal generators can be cascaded or one R&S SMW200A can be enhanced with additional signal generators from the SGMA family to increase the number of RF ports. RF channels can be operated fully independently or in a phase coherent mode. Users can benefit from the flexibility of digital 2 GHz wide basebands that allow arbitrary signal generation with user-defined modulation formats and signal shapes. Furthermore, CW signals can be combined with pulsed signals and played back with a single RF source simultaneously. For narrowband solutions, a dual-channel R&S SMW200A can also be enhanced with additional R&S SGT100A units to increase the number of channels.


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