Backbone for naval communications: R&S®NAVICS

navics-voice-terminalAs a leading supplier of fully integrated communications systems, Rohde & Schwarz has provided more than 40 navies with the latest communications technology. Our communications systems ensure reliable, jam-resistant and encrypted information exchange.


From system design to integration on board

Rohde & Schwarz has decades of experience in naval communications. As a system integrator, we offer impressive single-source communications solutions for modern naval applications. These solutions meet complex requirements and provide outstanding reliability to ensure information superiority in any type of scenario.



Rohde & Schwarz provides R&S®NAVICS as the core component for the next generation of highly integrated communication systems for naval applications. The system constitutes an excellent VoIP-based switching solution for naval communication delivering future-ready voice and data communications and offering innovative technology and state-of-the-art, intuitive user interfaces. All R&S®NAVICS switching functions are implemented in software hosted on commercially available IT components.


Key features of R&S®NAVICS include:

  • Modern mounted voice terminals
  • Smartphones acting as mobile voice terminals
  • Communication between different classified networks
  • High level of IT security on board

R&S®NAVICS provides two solutions that meet different security requirements using two architectures:


R&S®NAVICS IP                                                                                               R&S®NAVICS MLS


R&S®NAVICS – on board today’s navies

R&S®NAVICS will be integrated on board modern platforms such as the Royal Malaysian Navy’s littoral combat ships (LCS) and the Royal Navy’s Type 26 global combat ships (GCS). The solution was selected based on its proven technology, usability and cost effectiveness. The core component is the new next generation R&S®NAVICS.

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