The only military transceiver that meets civil safety standards

45350_06Airspace is used largely for civil purposes. Military aircraft such as the A400M must also meet civil standards in order to fly in this airspace. This also applies to the communications equipment on board.

The R&S®MR6000A is the best-performing airborne transceiver in the R&S®M3AR product family. It can be optionally equipped with NATO-compatible data and voice encryption. The integrated radio and crypto solution in a single box also saves valuable space, weight, wiring and logistical effort. As a multiband radio it covers different operational frequency bands in the VHF and UHF range. The high transmit power ensures a stable communications line, even in poor weather conditions or when flying at low levels. The extremely robust transceiver is accommodated in an ARINC 600 housing and offers outstanding RF parameters, such as high sensitivity and large-signal immunity. It contains frequency agile filters to suppress shortwave and VHF interference as well as interfering signals in the same frequency band (co-site operation).

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